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Security Exclusive is a leading cyber awareness training and recruiting company serving as a leading change agent. Acting as your strategic partner, our team will customize cyber training based on your risk environment.  We fully understand the current North American risk environment and will develop comprehensive and innovative security solutions to protect your assets.

Our Mission

Our goal is to ensure that in every interaction you have with our team, you will be treated with honesty and integrity. Only then can we foster a partnership that will last long into the future. Once your team has received our cyber awareness training you will be reassured they can operate safely on the internet

Our Promise

Once you have engaged Security Exclusive on a cyber awareness training project or initiative you have our promise that we will drive the best possible outcome – as if we were the end user or vendor.  The status quo is no longer acceptable

Diversity & Inclusion

Security Exclusive is committed to sharing values of diversity and inclusion with our team, end users and vendors. We believe that by creating a climate that supports diversity and inclusion, we provide the best-in-class product to our customers.

Our Vision


Honesty is the foundation for trust. Our initial discussion with you will set the tone for our entire business relationship. You have our commitment that we will be honest with you during every interaction.


Integrity is doing the right thing even when no one is watching. Our mandate is to provide our clients with the best quality service, making us your ideal partner.


Great leadership is fostered by a strong team with extensive experience. We will bring our industry recognized leadership abilities to every interaction we have with you to provide the best possible outcome for your needs.


Communication is a two-way process. We will listen to your concerns, focus on the areas that are important to you, and communicate your options clearly to ensure your satisfaction. Our only goal is helping you achieve yours.


For end-users

Let us advocate on your behalf to ensure you are getting the most comprehensive solution that fits your needs.


For Vendors

With over 25 years of experience as a senior leader for best in class security vendor, we can assist you with operational excellence initiatives.


Temporary Security Management/Placement Services

Did you have a key player within your organization leave recently and can’t afford to let the work wait until you can hire a replacement? Do you require a management level person to step in on a temporary basis and assist with the hiring process?  Security Exclusive is the solution. We provide recruiting services to fill that gap while in the meantime provide temporary support services to boost your operation until your ideal replacement is hired.

Leadership Team

Sherri Ireland


Sherri Ireland is recognized as a senior leader in the physical security industry and is now bridging into cyber security. She managed a $65M portfolio for a global integrator, including managing installation and service of integrated security solutions for financial institutions, municipalities and electrical grid customers in Canada. In 2015 she started Security Exclusive, providing cyber awareness training sessions, security consulting and recruiting. Sherri has been trusted to step into senior operational roles, create RFP’s, policy and procedure writing, training, teaching and consulting.
Sherri is a life-long learner and just completed her CISSP designation as well as graduated from Ryerson University with a certificate in Computer Science and Digital Forensics in 2018.
Since 2011, she is part-time faculty in the Protection Security and Investigation program at Fleming College.

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